Attic Ladders FAQs

How much are your ladders?

We have quality ladders to suit just about any budget and application, ranging from $395 in our budget range up to $2000+ for our commercial range. See our online store for details.

Can you install my new attic ladder? How long does it take?

Yes, one of our fully qualified and trained carpenters can install your new attic ladder in just a few hours.

What’s the best place to put my new attic ladder?

We recommend a ceiling position in your home that provides space to operate your ladder and is fairly central, so that your entry point from the ladder into your roof space gives you the maximum amount of head space possible. Usually this is a hallway or central room in your home. However we recommend a free in-home appraisal by one of our experienced sales consultants to determine the best location for your new attic ladder. Book an appointment online now!

Are any of your attic ladders made in Australia?

They certainly are! Two of our best-selling models, the Stairladder Deluxe and the Upgrade are made in our Sydney Factory. The Stair Ladder Deluxe has a reputation as being one of the hardest wearing and easiest to use attic ladder in Australia. Customers, whose homes we’ve installed a Stairladder Deluxe into over 25 years ago, are now only just starting to call us up to ask if we can come and tighten some of the bolts!

If I purchase an attic ladder only, can I install it myself?

Of course. All of our attic ladders are DIY friendly and come fully assembled. The package also includes clear installation instructions. We recommend that you have had a little bit of experience with working with timber and have considered the right ladder for your home, including they type of roof you have (i.e. truss or conventional) and your floor to ceiling height.

I’m interested in getting an attic ladder installed, but I’m concerned about security. Can your attic ladders be opened from above?

Some of our attic ladders are lockable with a key or spring loaded locking mechanics, which means they can’t be opened from above. Our manually operated Concertina Ladder can be equipped with a top opener mechanism. Alternatively our Fantozzi Electric Ladder does include two remote controls. See the Performance and Stairladder models.

Do you have any ladders for commercial projects?

Yes, we have a full range of heavy-duty ladders suitable for commercial applications.

I have an ornate ceiling. I’m concerned that installing an attic ladder will damage it.

If you have an ornate or decorated ceiling we will aim to install the attic ladder somewhere in your home where it won’t cause damage to the ceiling. If this is unavoidable, we work with specialized ceiling plasterers who can repair and restore any ornate ceiling after an attic ladder has been installed.

How easy are your attic ladders to use?

All of our attic ladders are relatively easy to use, however some are easier to use than others. Ladders in our mid to premium range come with double spring loading allowing for easy finger-touch control when lifting the ladder.

Which attic ladder is right for me?

When choosing your attic ladder you’ll need to consider the following:

  • How often will you use the ladder?
  • What will you be using the ladder for? (i.e. simple roof access or as part of a storage area)
  • How much do you think you will be carrying up the ladder (including your own weight)?
  • What is your climbing ability? (i.e. will you need an easy incline ladder with extra hand rails?)
  • How high is your ceiling from your floor?
  • Is your roof a truss or conventional construction?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is enough space in front of the ladder available (stand-out and fold-out)

I’ve got a truss roof. I heard that I might not be able to get an attic ladder installed in it.

We have a range of attic ladders specifically designed for truss roofs, so it’s not a problem at all. Again, we recommend you book a free, in-home appraisal with us to determine your attic ladder options.

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