Attic Storage FAQs

I really like the idea of having some roof space storage. What are my options?

After choosing the attic ladder that is right for you there are three roof space storage options available:

  • Basic Storage: this includes battening and flooring which gives you a platform that you can easily walk around on in your roof space and store your items
  • Dust Proof Storage: This builds on Basic Storage, but provides a clean, sealed, dust proof environment for your stored belongings. We install additional kickboards, wall framing and lining, wireless sensor lights and an access hatch to your non-storage roof area.
  • Premium Room: This option turns your roof space into a semi-habitable area. We install structural flooring to give your room maximum support. The room is finished with plasterboard, roof windows, powered lighting and ventilation, providing you with an additional room in your home accessible via a quality attic ladder.

Will I need council approval for my new Attic Space?

For most areas you won’t need council approval for installing an attic ladder or storage area. However, if you decide to add a skylight or roof window to your new storage area you may be required to seek council approval. Our experienced sales team will be able to advise you on this matter.

What materials do you use for your storage areas?

For our Basic and Dust Proof storage areas we use structural pine (35mm x 70mm) for battening and framing and particle board for flooring and kickboards. For the wall lining of the Dust Proof Storage, we use a white cell membrane lining, which looks a little like commercial grade bubble wrap, that also provides some additional insulation, whilst keeping the space sealed.

What can I store and how much can I store up in my new attic storage area?

You can store whatever you like; clothes, furniture, sporting gear, office filing, luggage, etc. Generally, anything that can be easily fitted through your attic ladder hatch.

Typically the weight restriction for any Basic or Dust Proof storage areas is approximately 75kg per square metre, in addition to your own weight.

Can I use my attic storage space as a living space?

Unfortunately no, as the Australian Building code requires any habitable area to meet strict guidelines. Your new attic storage area can only be used for storage; such as storing of general household belongings, office storage space, hobby storage area etc.

If you are seeking to add a habitable living area to your home, consider a Premium Room or speak to one of our Attic Living consultants about our 1st Floor Additions & Extensions service.

How do I know your work is going to be good?

We use fully trained and licensed carpenters for all of our installations. Many of our installers have been working with us for 5-10 years, which means they’ve got a lot of experience and they’re the best at what they do. Additionally Attic Ladders is a fully licensed builder in its own right and have over 35 years of operational experience. We’re one of the only attic storage companies who also regularly uses structural engineers when we quote to ensure that we provide you with an attic storage solution that is not only great to use, but is structurally sound and guaranteed to last.

What are the warranties on your attic ladders and storage areas?

We offer a 2 year warranty on all of our attic ladders* and 12 months on any workmanship, including our storage areas.
* (excluding FAKRO, Dolle & Keylite which are 12 months only)

I’ve got a truss roof, while I can get an attic ladder installed in it, will I be able to get an attic storage area installed?

Every roof space is different and while we can certainly install a Basic Storage area in a truss roof, it may be difficult to install a Dust Proof Room in one. We’re always improving on our building processes and technologies for truss roofs, the best thing we can recommend is to book a free, in-home appraisal

I’ve never been in my roof space. How will I know what is possible for me to do with an attic storage area?

Just give us a call on 1300 655 525 and arrange a free in-home appraisal. One of our friendly sales consultants will come to you, have a chat about what you’d like to do and then climb up into your roof space to assess what’s possible.

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