Skylights FAQs

What is a Roof Window?

The FAKRO PreSelect Roof Window (FPP) is a new generation of top hung and pivot windows with two separate opening functions of sash: top hung and pivot. The separate opening functions provide sash stability increase safety. The outward opening function The outward opening function enables the sash to be opened in any position from 0 to 35 degrees enabling easy approach to the edge of the open windows, which increases the usable area and provides unlimited view to the outside. The pivot function enables the sash to be rotated through 180 ° and is used when cleaning the outer pane or operating an awning blind. Innovative hardware system guarantees the use of only one way of opening and complete stability of the sash in outward as well as in pivot opening function. The opening method can be switched using the PreSelect sliding switch positioned in the middle of the frame accessible when the window is open. It provides comfort of operation when using the handle located at the bottom of the sash. The elegant handle is equipped with a two-step micro opening facility. An easy cleaning of the outer pane and setting the external awning blind is ensured with the use of blocking sash bolt when rotated through 180 degrees.

How can I convert a manual venting skylight into an electric one?

In order to convert a manually operated venting FAKRO Skylight (FV) into an electrically operated one, you simply need to purchase an electric module, remove the crank or the loop and install it on top of the opening mechanism.

Can a fixed skylight be converted into a venting one?

The only solution is to replace the FAKRO Fixed Skylight (FX) with a FAKRO Manual Opening Skylight (FV). Due to its construction the fixed skylight cannot be converted into a venting one; venting skylights consist of many different parts (for example, hinges, motor, sash etc.) that standard fixed skylights do not have.

What is the standard color of FAKRO Skylights and flashings?

All aluminum covering profiles as well as flashing kit are made the standard dark brown. The RAL symbol of our color is RAL 7022.

Where is the serial number on my FAKRO Skylight?

The serial number is always written on the information plate. The information plate is situated on the top right-hand corner of the fixed skylight. In order to see the information plate on venting skylights you must open the skylight and look between the sash and frame. In this case the plate is on the bottom of the frame.

Can a FAKRO Skylight or Roof Window leak?

No. FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows together with the flashing kits are designed to match certain roofing materials at given roof pitches. When installed properly, the window will not leak – guaranteed.The FAKRO flashing system, properly combined with the roofing material is watertight even under the most severe weather conditions. All FAKRO flashing systems are precisely tested in the most demanding test procedures.

For FAKRO Venting Skylights do I have to buy an insect screen separately?

No, all of FAKRO Venting Skylights (Manual Opening and Electric operated) are already equipped with an insect screen.

What is the lowest roof slope allowed for skylight installation?

The lowest roof pitch allowed for skylight installations is always given on the installation instruction. All models have a minimum roof pitch of 15 degrees.

How do I measure the roof slope?

The easiest way to measure the roof slope is to use a pitch gauge, which is available in most building supply stores.

Are the wooden slats, nailed to the top and the bottom of the skylight, supposed to be removed before installation?

Yes. The purpose of nailing the slats is for product protection purposes only. All the slats should be removed before installation, but it is recommended to remove them just before placing the skylight or roof window in the prepared opening in the roof. Once removed, do not put the skylight or roof window in the standing position, lay it flat on the floor (cover the floor to avoid damaging the wood) with the glass facing up.

Where is the top of the FAKRO Skylight?

Two red arrows on the envelope glued to the glass indicate the top of the FAKRO Skylight.

Can your FAKRO Skylight be installed upside down and sideways?

No. The construction of the FAKRO Skylight or Roof Window together with the flashing system does not allow it to be installed upside down or sideways. All products must be installed according to the installation instructions provided.

How do I measure the opening in the roof?

To make the installation process easier, in every FAKRO Skylight package, you will find a specially prepared template. The template is provided to help cutting the opening by simply placing it in the spot where the cut is to be made, tracing it and cutting along the line. This eliminated the need for measuring.

Which accessories are available for FAKRO Skylights or Roof Windows?

FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows can be equipped with internal and external accessories. For the FAKRO Fixed Skylight (FX), a manual and electric operated block out blind is available, whereas for the FAKRO Manual Opening (FV) and Electric Skylight (FVE) there is only an electric operated block out blind available. The FAKRO Roof Window (FPP) can be retrofitted with an internal manual and external manual operated blind. FAKRO does also provide an external accessories for fixed, manual opening and electric operated skylight. The solar powered electric awning blind (SMZ) for FX, FV and FVE Skylights is an appropriate combination of effective protection from heat and comfort of use. Due to the fact that the awning blind absorbs solar radiation before it reaches the glazing and emits the heat to the outside of the room, it constitutes much better protection from tiresome heat in the sunny days than internal accessories. At the same time, it allows the ingress of natural light and ensures visual contact with the environment. The Solar awning blind is powered with 12 VDC battery pack built-in blind’s case. The batteries are recharged by the solar panel.

What is the internal colour of FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows?

The internal colour is a natural finish. Builders and Homeowners save time and money – knot free, wooden frames on FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows are already finished. The frames are pressure treated, double painted and protected for many years to come. All the joints are sealed and painted – moisture cannot seep into the corners on the inside of the skylight. In sum, no extra work required.

Do FAKRO Electric Skylights (FVE) have a rain sensor?

Yes, FAKRO Electric Skylights (FVE) come with pre-installed rain sensor as standard. The internally mounted rain sensors automatically close the skylight when rain is detected.

What do I use to open or close FAKRO Manual Opening Skylights (FV)?

The SZS Telescopic Control Rod can be used for FAKRO Manual Opening Skylights (FV) installed out-of-reach and for manually operated block out blinds on FAKRO Fixed Skylights (FX).

Are FAKRO internal and external accessories such as blinds compatible with other skylight brands?

No. All FAKRO internal and external blind systems are designed and adapted to the default FAKRO Skylight and Roof Window sizes.

Is it possible to install FAKRO Skylights as a horizontal or vertical combination?

Yes. FAKRO combination flashings are ready made flashing systems for joining FAKRO Skylights in groups: horizontally, vertically and in a block. The distance between windows joined horizontally and vertically is normally 10cm. The FAKRO combination system enables the installation of all types of skylights. There are seven modules in the FAKRO combination system, to cater for any layout you may require. The “Module” is a single and properly marked element of the flashing and assigned to its specific place in combination.

What is a FAKRO Roof Access Window (FWL / FWR)?

FAKRO Roof Access Windows (FWL left opening & FWR right opening) is side hinged with the sash opening up to 90 degrees. It provides easy and safe access to the roof and as a window it lets sunlight and fresh air enter the space. A gas piston at the top of the window holds the sash stable and prevents accidental closing. The FAKRO Roof Access Window is suitable for roof pitches 15 to 55 degrees and available in three different sizes. It can be equipped with a manual block out blind and a chimney sweep bench (RSB) to allow safe access to sloping roofs.

Why can FAKRO offer a lifetime warranty?

FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows provide a protection against effects of inside condensation. A very thick, almost twice as thick as other brand skylights, wooden frame and not metal attached to the outside frame prevent condensation on the inside frame surface. No metal hardware attached to the outside frame minimises temperature conduction and increases insulation of entire unit. A special wide internal gasket system collects water from glass condensation and drains it outside onto the roof surface. A specially design and formed gasket systems prevents dripping water on the wooden frame and drywall. FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows let the light in and not the heat by using a low emissivity, heat reflecting double glazing. Energy Star, NFRC, IGMA, IGCC qualified glazing unit keeps the heat outside during the hot days and warm air inside during cold days. FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows, by definition, are leak-proof. When installed according to installation instructions, with an original flashing kit and an ice-water shield membrane, FAKRO warrants a 10 year leak proof installation. FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows are designed for life and in accordance to the Australian environmental conditions, the warranty covers 20 years for glass, 10 years for remaining elements, 3 years for manual blinds and 2 years for all electrical components. FAKRO Skylights and Roof Windows are tested and approved to comply with Australian Standards such as AS4285 Skylights, AS1530 Non-Combustible and AS1288 Overhead Glazing (Laminated Glass IGU). All FAKRO Skylights can be installed to meet the requirements of AS3959 – Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas from categories BAL-LOW up to and including BAL-29.

Is it possible to apply a film or tint to the glass?

VELUX does not recommend the addition of any store-bought film to the glass of our skylights. The addition of store-bought film or tint will void the warranty on the glass.

However, the glass is manufactured with a LoE coating and injected with Argon gas which makes our skylights very energy efficient. In addition, Velux also offer several blind options that can be added to Velux skylights and roof windows to regulate light and heat.

What is the minimum roof pitch to install a skylight?

The Fixed (FS), Manual Opening (VS), Electric (VSE) and Solar-Powered Skylight(VSS) must be installed between 15 & 90 degrees, whereas the Roof Window GPL (dual action) requires a roof pitch between 15 & 55 degrees, however the GGL (centre pivot) can be installed between 15 & 90 degrees.

The Flat Roof Skylights (FCM, VCM and VCS) must be installed between 0 & 60 degrees. Velux recommends installing the Flat Roof Skylights with a minimum pitch of 3-5 degrees to prevent water pooling on the glass.

If you roof pitch is less than 15 degrees, you must use a custom flashing kit with a pitch adapter.

Which accessories are available for skylights or roof windows and can they be installed later?
Velux is a specialised and experienced manufacturer of blinds that fit perfectly with the skylights. The blinds are sleek and stylish – and have been designed with functionality in mind. You can control the amount of light coming in.

Whether you want to darken a bedroom or control glare, Velux make it simple. Choose from Honeycomb, Block out and Solar blinds.

For the Velux Manual Opening, Electric and Solar-Powered Skylight, there is only a solar operated block out or honeycomb blind available. In particular, the solar powered blind provides the benefit to control the light and heat that enters your room using only the power of the sun. The innovative design is operated by a new Radio Frequency wall-mounted keypad and requires no wiring and no Electrician. Therefore, the blind can be installed

All accessories for Velux Roof Windows (Centre-Pivot and Dual Action) can only be operated manually.

The Solar Block Out for Velux Flat Roof Skylights is only available for particular sizes.

Due to the used ‘Click’-system for Velux accessories, the blind can also be refitted to the installed skylight at a later stage. Please note that the new Velux blinds do not fit Velux Skylights manufactured prior to March 2010 and Velux Roof Windows purchased prior to June 2015. Blinds for older models must be ordered accordingly.

When ordering a blind for an existing skylight, you must identify the product code of your skylight. The product code provide the information about the skylight type, size, glazing variant and production code.

What colour is the skylight and the flashing?

All current Velux Skylights and Roof Windows have an exterior neutral grey colour that blends well with most roofing materials (similar to COLORBOND monument). The internal colour is white to match white ceilings.

How far do manual, electric and solar operated skylights open?

All sizes open to approximately 300mm.

Do the Electric and Solar Operated Skylights have a rain sensor?

Yes, the Velux Electric (VSE) and Solar-Powered Skylights (VSS) come with pre-installed rain sensor as standard. The internally mounted rain sensors automatically close the skylight when rain is detected.

Are Velux accessories such as blinds compatible with other skylight brands?

No, all Velux blind systems are designed and adapted to the default Velux Skylight and Roof Window sizes.

Can Flat Roof Skylights be installed in portrait and landscape position?

Only the Velux Flat Roof Fixed Skylight (FCM) can be positioned in portrait or landscape orientation. However, the FCM 2270 must be in portrait orientation. The Velux Flat Roof Manual Opening (VCM) and Solar Skylight (VCS) can only be installed as per orientation shown in the size chart.

How to prevent from condensation?

The moisture put into the air from a typical family is similar to emptying a large bucket of water on the floor every day. Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where the build-up of condensation is especially high due to the steam produced from showering and cooking. Velux Opening Skylights act as extractors of hot air and minimize condensation and mould growth.

When condensation forms on the glazing of our windows, you should take it as a warning sign that you should ventilate more often. Regular ventilation is the most efficient way of preventing condensation water from forming on your window glazing. You can limit the amount of humidity as follows: If possible, do not dry your laundry inside the house. Close the doors of kitchens and bathrooms. Ventilate regularly for five minutes at least three or four times a day and, if possible, maintain a constant room temperature.

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