Stunner in Seddon

Simon and Anne Marie were running out of room for their growing family. In a street of period homes in Seddon they have two choices, move out or add another story to their home and life. Moving out isn’t their ideal, they like where they live and the upheaval and cost to sell, buy and move are too much at this time of their family.
Moving up was a much better choice, logical, liveable and cost effective they came to us at the Attic Group, we have been offering the ‘move up – not out’ solution for nearly 50 years, it’s our specialty. After seeing so many examples of changed houses and lives on our website and getting great referrals from others, they gave us the green light to design and build their new home.
Our architects listened to their requirements and dreams and came back with a concept that maximised the existing roof space and added more at the back of the house so that the street view barely changed. Loving the new plan Simon and Anne Marie knew their new home was a dream come true. Working in through the roof to not disturb the family below, we built into the high pitched roof and built out the back, adding a massive new upstairs lounge, two new bedrooms and a bathroom, all accessed by a stunning hardwood staircase. Adding large skylights to the lounge, stair and bathroom adds light and a spacious feeling to the rooms. In the bedrooms shuttered windows to the west and horizontal windows on the north and south walls adds light and space while protecting the rooms from summer afternoon heat.

How the Attic Group can help with every step

With over 45 years of experience in helping people unlock the full potential of their property, we understand what it takes to create your dream home. From the design stage to the actual construction, we’ll manage the whole process while working with you to ensure that your needs are met. Get inspired by some of our past house extensions and contact us today for a free consultation.