Apartment Block Attic

Our clients live in a multi-story, multi owner apartment block, so space and opportunity was limited. “Contacting Attic Group was our best move, they quickly ascertained that there was space in our roof for an extra room”. The Attic team worked through the engineering and determined that the space available would suit a premium room. Adding a pair of opening skylights on the north facing roof has given this new space a light and airy feel, making a new work space and spare bedroom. Accessed by an Attic Stairladder Deluxe from the central hallway means no space is lost with a stairwell. A dustproof storage area accessed from the room means plenty of new storage out of site. Finished in impressive Ash flooring the new room has changed the lives of our clients.

How the Attic Group can help with every step

With over 45 years of experience in helping people unlock the full potential of their property, we understand what it takes to create your dream home. From the design stage to the actual construction, we’ll manage the whole process while working with you to ensure that your needs are met. Get inspired by some of our past house extensions and contact us today for a free consultation.