Attic Conversion Options

Photo of manual opening skylights in a home office

Wish your home was bigger?

With growing families, the accumulation of more stuff or an opportunity to work from home, many Australians need more space – and they’d prefer to make their existing homes bigger rather than move.

Did you know that your roof space may unlock up to 30% more space?

At Attic Group, we’re the attic renovation experts can can help you get the most out of that unused space right above your head. From design and plans, through to council approvals (if required) and the actual build, we’re your one-stop shop for maximising your attic’s potential.

Photo of an attic converted into a study
A home office is a popular reason for converting an attic

Converting vs Moving

If you’re a home owner, the first decision you’ll need to make when seeking more space is to decide on whether you want to move out, or move up.

Here are a lost of pros and cons you may wish to consider about moving out, or converting your attic to help you achieve the lifestyle you’re looking for.

List of pros & cons:



  • Remain in existing property
  • Add value / equity
  • Avoid the costs / hassles of moving
  • Customise to your needs & tastes
  • Faster than selling & buying


  • Lose some space for internal stairs
  • Costs can escalate if choosing wrong builder



  • Opportunity to move closer to work, friends, family
  • Choose property with added benefits eg. pool, garage


  • Moving is stressful
  • Selling existing house
  • Stamp duty, legal fees and moving costs
  • Limited properties available within budget

Decide what you’ll do with the space?

If you’ve decided to convert your attic, you’ll need to decide what to do with the space.

Storage rooms do not require council approval. Living spaces generally do not require approval although we’ll assess each attic individually. Any room with a bedroom generally will require approval.

Photo of a basic attic storage room
Image of dust proof attic storage room
Photo of an attic conversion which makes a flexible area
Photo of an attic converted into a study and living area with skylights
Photo of a bedroom in a single storey addition

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