Attic Group’s 6 Steps to Attic Conversion

Photo of an attic converted to a living area with skylights

When people come to Attic Group to help them unlock their roof space with an attic conversion, the process is explained ahead of time to make sure they know what to expect.

For those of you who are curious about what’s involved in an attic conversion, and would like to know about the process, we created this article to help you out.

Step 1: Initial contact and indicative pricing

The first step towards unlocking your roof space with an attic conversion is to arrange an obligation-free consultation. A time will be made with you for an Attic Group design consultant to visit your home at your convenience to discuss your ideas and requirements, as well as all the options available. Your experienced attic design consultant will discuss what you want to achieve with your roof space, talk about your budget and give you an estimate on the cost.

Step 2: Concept design stage

The Architect is then engaged to prepare detailed plans of the attic conversion project based on your requirements and budget. With architectural plans drawn and agreed upon, Attic Group will provide a comprehensive cost estimate for the conversion.

Step 3: Council approval

Once the final plans are drawn up to the agreed specification, council applications are made. Attic Group takes care of all the bureaucracy, you don’t need to worry about a thing! We deal with council approvals all the time and know what is needed for approval. We can find out for you, but it can be useful to let us know if your property is under any heritage classification or other development restrictions that would prevent council approval.

Our experienced team ensures that the plans are fully compliant before submitting for approval.

Step 4: Building contract approval

Once council approvals are obtained, the building contract is finalised and signed off. You will be given a start and finish date for the project, and when you can expect our attic conversion team to complete each phase of the construction. Attic Group is now ready to start the job!

Step 5: Building commences

With all the arrangements made, our Construction Manager takes control, meets with you and keeps your family informed throughout the building process with regular updates. The construction times vary depending on type of conversion. Depending on size, a conversion into a liveable area with bedroom and bathroom can take as little as 6 -8 weeks. One of the best parts is that in many cases you can remain in your home during the building process.

Step 6: Completion

This is the final stage where all the work has been completed on your new attic conversion! The newly converted space in your roof is ready for you and your family to enjoy. All relevant certificates and documentation are provided for your records. Now you can take full advantage of your roof space and all the benefits it brings to your life as well as the increased property value.

Take the first step to a new attic conversion

More Australian home owners than ever are looking for ways to better use the space in their home. With more than 40 years in the attic space, you can trust Attic Group with your attic conversion project.

photo of a loft style attic conversion with skylights