How To Maintain & Clean Your Skylights

woman cleaning skylights at home with squeegee.

As many of us already know, skylights are great for homes, providing extra value thanks to allowing more natural light inside and creating open and airy living spaces. However, once you’ve installed your skylights, it’s essential to ensure that they continue to be clean and well-maintained to maximise their full potential. In this blog, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you keep these roof additions in pristine condition.

Tips For Maintaining Your Skylights

Before getting into the maintenance and cleaning techniques, it’s important to make sure that your skylights are installed properly. At the Attic Group, we recommend hiring a professional skylight contractor who has the necessary experience and skills to carry out the process without risk of damage to the addition or your ceiling. Once this has been completed:

  1. Conduct Regular Inspections

Issues such as cracks, leaks or poor insulation are often the result of an improper installation. Performing routine inspections is the best way to identify potential damage before they can lead to more costly issues down the road. Check around the panes and ensure that the seals and flashing are intact when you are installing skylights.

  1. Preventing Condensation

Installing a skylight in your kitchen or bathroom can increase the chances of high condensation build-up. If you begin to spot this moisture forming on the window glazing, we recommend regular ventilating your living spaces for at least five minutes, three to four times a day. Our Velux Opening Skylights are also great extractors of hot air and minimise condensation and mould growth.

  1. Choose Quality Brands

When choosing roof additions for your home, we suggest picking out leading brands for guaranteed quality. The Attic Group offers skylights and roof windows from leading European brand, Fakro, who offers a near-lifetime warranty for their products. This is thanks to their protection against inside condensation, leak prevention and heat reflection, designed to specifically handle Australian climates.

How To Clean Your Skylights

As with any glass surface in your home, constant exposure to the elements can cause your skylights or roof windows to quickly become dirty and reduce the amount of natural light coming through.

  1. Clearing Debris

Being on the roof or ceiling means that skylights are always prone to accumulating natural debris such as leaves, branches, or dust. This can not only lead to a dirty window but could also potentially damage the glass over a long period of time. Regularly clear out any debris that has landed on your roof and gently remove any dirt or grime that has built up.

  1. Cleaning Skylights & Roof Windows

When cleaning skylights or roof windows, ensure that you are using a soft sponge or non-abrasive cloth to wipe away stains. We recommend starting off with using a mild detergent and warm water solution on the surface, taking care to not scratch the glass.

  1. Self-Cleaning Skylights & Windows

Another alternative is choosing to install self-cleaning skylights, completely removing the hassle and potential risks associated with cleaning these roof additions. Thanks to a Pilkington Activ coating, all of the Attic Group’s skylights are dirt and dust-resistant, meaning that you’ll enjoy the full benefits of natural light all year round.

Maximising The Potential Of Skylights

To maximise the benefits of the skylights in your home, it’s essential to properly clean and maintain them. Doing so will not only extend their lifespan but can also leave your home continue looking refreshed and well-kept, a boon if you are also potentially thinking of selling the property. View our full range of skylights and accessories today.