Why You Should Hire A Professional To Install Your Skylights

man on a roof carrying out a skylight installation

Skylights have become a popular addition to many modern homes, bringing in natural light and a sense of airiness to any room. It’s also an effective way to maximise the potential of your property, increasing its value if you’re looking to sell. However, one crucial thing to consider is that skylight installation involves specialised skills and knowledge. If you aren’t experienced with roofing or attics, it’s best to hire a professional to install this addition to your home. This reduces the risk of damage to your home and ensures the effectiveness of skylights.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional

  1. Technical Expertise & Experience

Installing a skylight requires technical knowledge of roof measurement processes, materials, and structural considerations such as waterproofing. Professionals have been specially trained and often have years of experience utilising these skills, ensuring that your skylights or roof windows will be installed correctly without the fear of leaking.

  1. Optimal Placement & Design

In addition to their technical knowledge, professional skylight contractors are often skilled in assessing the best space to install this roof addition. This ensures that your home maximises the benefits of natural light and ventilation. They can also help consult on the best possible skylight design to suit your needs and budget, saving you time and money during the decision-making process. This will be based on their analysis of your home’s size, roof design and climate.

  1. Warranty & Professional Service

Skylight contractors are committed to providing the best possible service to clients to ensure that their business continues to be seen as reliable and professional. In many cases, their roofing and attic work will come with a warranty. This will give you peace of mind that your home addition is covered for unexpected problems.

Risks Of DIY Skylight Installation

There are several risks when it comes to DIY skylight installation, especially if you have no prior experience. This includes:

  • Structural damage – Incorrect skylight installation can result in damage that leads to water leaks, reduced energy efficiency and other problems. In addition, a severe mistake can also compromise the structural integrity of your roof and entire home.
  • Voiding warranties – Opting for a DIY installation may increase the risk of voiding your roof and skylight warranty.
  • Safety concerns – Working on the roof can pose serious safety concerns, including falls, injuries and property damage.
  • Exponential costs – Unexpected property damage or injuries could leave you exceeding your original budget as you spend time recovering or repairing mistakes.

Attic Group Skylights

While skylights can prove to be a valuable addition to your home, to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits that it brings, we recommend getting in touch with a professional to install them. The Attic Group has over 45 years of experience helping people transform their roof spaces. We offer professional installation for a wide range of skylight models from leading European brands, Velux and Fakro. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote that will suit your needs and budget.