5 Things To Consider Before An Attic Conversion

attic conversion in progress with plaster and drywall applied.

Deciding on an attic conversion is an exciting time for any homeowner. It’s an effective investment that can maximise the potential of your home, bringing both added value and space to the property. However, before getting started with the project, it’s essential to have everything organised to ensure a smooth outcome. Here are five of the most important things to consider before converting your attic into a usable space.

1.   What Type Of Attic Conversion Are You Looking For?

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself before transforming your attic is what you will be using the space for. Depending on your needs, this can affect other points such as the design, project timelines and approvals. There are several types of conversions that can range from attic storage solutions to full-scale transformations into a living space or office.

2.   Do You Have Enough Space?

Before planning out your conversion, it’s also crucial to consider the amount of space that is available. Attics can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the roof and general design of the home. Moreover, you’ll also have to account for existing systems such as air conditioning, insulation, or electrical wiring. At the Attic Group, we’ll inspect your property using qualified architects and engineers before providing recommendations about how best to use the area.

3.   Set Your Budget

It’s essential to set a reasonable budget for your attic conversion and ensure that you will stick to it as close as possible. In any construction process, there’s always the chance of unexpected situations that can extend the project beyond its original scope. By planning out the conversion based on your budget, you’ll make certain that it adds value to your home.

4.   Consider Your Lighting Options

As with any room in your home, lighting is one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to the conversion process. Consider how the shape of an attic can affect the quality of lighting and the overall look of the space. Furthermore, some conversion types are more suited to certain lighting options than others. An attic storage room, for instance, may only need some standard electrical lights while a regular living space such as an office or bedroom would do well with natural lighting like skylights or windows.

5.   Proper Ventilation

Depending on how often and what you’ll be using the attic space for, proper ventilation is a crucial point to consider before the conversion process. If you’re planning a storage room, think about whether it needs to be kept at specific humidity levels or other conditions to prevent items from being damaged. Moreover, ventilators are ideal for keeping dust at a minimum, a requirement if you are converting an attic into a living space.

Converting your attic into a living or storage space is a great way to bring some extra value to your home. It is important, however, to carefully consider all the factors involved with the process. From deciding on what type of attic conversion to picking out the perfect lighting options, each of these things is essential to ensure your project is completed smoothly. Get started with an obligation-free consultation and quote from the Attic Group today.