Dust-Proof Your Roof Space Before It’s Too Late!

Photo of a Dust Proof Attic Storage Room

If you’re thinking about storing things in your roof space, then they will inherently hold some value for you. So, you’ll probably want to preserve them for future use or at the very least, for their sentimental value. What a disaster it would be if you found that the condition of your treasured possessions had been damaged over time from dust, damp or even uninvited guests?

If you really value any items that are going to be kept in your roof space, you should definitely consider getting it converted to a dust-proof attic to ensure your valuables will last the test of time.

“If it’s too good to throw out, it should be stored properly” is generally a good rule of thumb to abide by. This means making sure that the items you want to store are not just thrown into a shed or unsealed roof space, but are stored in a way that will ensure they are preserved and prevents any damage that can be caused by exposure to the elements over time.

Dust damage

Roof spaces can get really dusty, and while the damage this causes to stored items may not be apparent in the short term, long term exposure to dust can permanently discolour surfaces, and even provide a breeding ground for dust-mites and other insects.

Any items with moving parts that collect too much dust can be permanently damaged or at the very least, difficult to get into working order after taking them out of storage. In some cases, exposure to dust will damage possessions beyond repair.

Are drop sheets enough?

While a lot of people rely on bed sheets or other forms of drop sheets to protect stored furniture, boxes or other items from dust, there are several drawbacks to using opaque cloth or canvas to cover your possessions. This technique doesn’t prevent dust from entering the environment in which your items are stored so as a result:

  • Dust can inevitably collect under sheets and on your possessions;
  • Whatever you use to protect your possessions will need to be washed or replaced over time.

Another drawback of using this technique is that you can’t see your stored items unless you remove the protective sheet, so it’s difficult to organise your storage area for easy retrieval of items when needed.Vacuum sealed storage bags have become a very popular alternative as they address many of the disadvantages of using sheets, although a sheet (preferably canvas) can still be a good choice for covering furniture.

Generally, the feedback from Australian consumers on the effectiveness and space saving features of vacuum sealed storage bags has been positive, and there are various brands and options available on the Australian market. However, as noted above, these solutions do not eliminate dust entirely from the equation so they too have their limitations.

How dust-proofing your roof space helps

The dust-proofing process involves adding a durable insulated white-cell wrap to the ceiling and walls of your storage area. Floors should have battens added and are sealed with particleboard or a similar flooring. These precautions will go a long way to prevent dust from entering your storage area and protect your valuables.

Mould and water damage

If your storage area isn’t kept dry, water damage can warp and discolour wood, cause rusting of metals and turn anything absorbent, from fabrics to cardboard and paper, into mush. Water proofing any storage area is essential if you want to keep your valuables safe from the possibility of water damage.

Another form of water damage that is often overlooked is dampness. Dampness results from high moisture content in the air (humidity) or from moisture getting trapped within the building structure. Both of these issues have a tendency to encourage mould growth, which can cause significant and irreparable damage to your stored valuables in a short time.

At Attic Group we recommend to install a Whirlybird ventilator in every dust proof room that we do. The whirlybird assists with air circulation to help ensure this doesn’t become an issue.

How dust-proofing your roof space helps

The dust-proofing conversion process essentially results in sealing up the storage area, effectively protecting the ceiling and floors from flooding, leaks or other forms of liquid ingress. The insulation that is installed keeps the space cooler and much dryer than a regular roof space that is left exposed to the elements, and this in turn inhibits the growth of moulds, bacteria and other biological contaminants that can harm your valuables. Adding a skylight or roof window is also a good way to reduce the chances of developing a mould problem as natural sunlight is known to inhibit the growth of these sorts of fungus.

Vermin and insect damage

There’s nothing more unpleasant than finding out you’ve been sharing your stored treasures with an infestation of creepy crawlies. These nasties come in many forms and can inflict all kinds of unwelcome damage to the possessions you are trying to preserve. Clothes, papers, linen, wood and any other fibre based object can gnawed, eaten, webbed or nested in by these unwelcome guests that love to make their home in an unprotected roof space.

How dust-proofing your roof space helps

By sealing the room during the dust-proofing process, the area is not only protected from dust and water, but there is little to no chance of vermin and insects entering and infesting your storage area. The dust-proofing process creates in impenetrable barrier that stops these sorts of unwelcome guests in their tracks, and protects your valuables from becoming their new home.

Protect your precious storage items and add value to your home

If you have treasured memories, collector’s items, heirlooms, a wine collection or anything else that you value enough to keep in long term storage rather than give it away or trash it, you should seriously consider a dust-proof attic conversion from Attic Group, Australia’s original Attic Ladder Company. The conversion process usually takes only 2-3 days to create and area that will not only protect your valuables, but also add value to your home!

Contact Attic Group for a free consultation, or call them on 1300 655 525 or visit a showroom to find out more about the advantages of dust-proofing your roof-space.

Photo of a Dust Proof Attic Storage Room