Our Top 5 Benefits of Attic Conversions

Photo of an attic converted into a luxury living room

Homeowners in suburbs where property values are high and space is tight are increasingly turning to Attic Group to solve their space problem with an attic or loft conversion.

With growing families and pressure for storage space, taking advantage of unused roof space with a conversion of your attic is proving to be the most preferable option for some very good reasons.

Don’t move, improve!

If you’re running out of space in your home, moving into a larger house is one option, but with escalating house prices in major cities and recent increases to stamp duties in Sydney, moving is looking less attractive for many. Moving house is also undesirable for many people, especially families, who have come to love the house and the area they are in, having established roots in the local community.

When your kids are getting too old to share a room together, or a family member needs an office space, or you need additional living space, making the appropriate changes to your existing home can be a better choice than picking up stumps and moving.

Why extend your home, when you can use more of what you already have?

The only alternative to trading up on your outsized house to a bigger one is to get an extension built on the existing one, right? Wrong!

Many houses have up to 30% of their total floor area in unused roof space, giving homeowners the option of staying put. Upgrading the attic area often extends the whole footprint of the home if it has a suitable roof cavity that can be readily transformed. Most roofs in old suburbs where we perform a majority of our attic conversions are Federation, Californian Bungalows and Victorian standard pitch roofs that allow for plenty of space to be reclaimed.

No one enjoys the intrusion of traditional renovations, especially when you have to vacate your home during the process. Renovating your roof space is less intrusive and disruptive to your life than a traditional renovation, as clients can remain in their homes whilst the attic room is being built. Given the right circumstances, an attic conversion can be a painless way to extend your home and maximise your home’s potential. If you have enough height and don’t need to raise your roof, we can build the whole thing with minimal disruption.

Many home owners are also prevented from adding a new room by extending outwards because their block is too small. Renovating the roof space effectively overcomes any block size restraints that a home extension would require.

Top floor apartment owners are also taking advantage of their empty roof space and converting it into extra living space.

An attic transformation is a smart property investment

Given all the options, converting the unused roof space is by the cheapest way to increase meterage in your home. In fact, you could be sitting on a hidden asset!

Premium room and dust-proof storage conversions

A ‘Premium Room’ attic conversion offers a great way to invest in your existing property to get a better price and increase that hotly sought after space. For as little as $40,000, an empty roof can be transformed into an additional premium room, accessed via the best quality attic ladder. It doesn’t involve long council approval processes and you don’t lose any space downstairs as the access is by an attic ladder which folds away when not in use.

If you would rather use the space for dust-proof storage, the project would cost even less.

Habitable living space conversions

If you are after a new bedroom, an office or bathroom into the attic, the average cost to convert this space is between $150,000 and $250,000. The new room is accessed with an internal staircase. What you lose in space for the staircase, you it gain back with a bedroom, living room, even an extra bathroom. It takes about three months on average to convert a roof space into a habitable attic room.

Investing in a high quality, well designed attic conversion that fits seamlessly into your existing home gives potential buyers every reason to bid higher on your property than comparable houses with unused roof space. A whole additional room can give a significant boost to the sale price of your home.

Photo of lounge room in an attic conversion