Dust Proof Attic Transformation With Howards Storage World

Photo of an attic converted to a dust proof storage room with shelves and hanging racks

Anita Birges, Professional Organiser and decluttering expert has teamed up with the Attic Group and Howards Storage World to take you through the process of transforming your roof space for storage, as well as offering some valuable tips on how you can organise it effectively.

We have produced an informative video (watch below!) to demonstrate how you can make the best use of a dust-proof storage room, avoiding turning it into just another cluttered room.

Your roof space has awesome storage potential, so why aren’t you using it?

With most of us collecting so much stuff in our homes, most of the time we simply don’t have enough space to store it. The fact is there is often plenty of space that we aren’t even aware of in the roof. The reason many people don’t think about using the attic for storage is when we think of storing things in the roof, we often think of it as a dark, unsafe, dusty, damp and hard to get to. But once you get a sense of the potential, getting in the experts to transform it into a clean, safe, accessible, functional and cost-effective space can be life changing.

Photo of an attic converted to a dust proof storage room with shelves and hanging racks

Attic storage space options

When looking at a storage solution for your roof space you have two options:

  1. A basic attic storage package that includes flooring laid on battens and a ladder; or
  2.  it to the next level by making your attic dust-proof by wrapping the room with an insulated white-cell membrane lining. We install framing to provide adequate structure, 450mm high kickboards, roof space access door, lighting and smoke detector.

Why dust-proof your attic space?

Basic attic storage offers you a very cost effective solution to give you more room for storage, however upgrading to a dust-proof solution makes the space lighter, brighter and much more functional for storing your valuables properly.

Your stored items will last longer, your attic will be easier to keep clean and the space more pleasant to use on a regular basis. Plus, it will add significant value to your home.

Attic storage tips from Howards Storage World

inspire you about the possibilities of a dust-proof storage space, we partnered with the storage organisation experts at Howards Storage World to offer tips for getting your attic space organised – and keeping it that way.

Use storage unit kits that can be easily assembled/disassembled

of all, any storage units used need to be easily transported into your attic through the width of your access hatch. Anita Birges, decluttering expert, recommends using a shelving storage system that can be easily assembled in your attic. For example, Howards Storage World offers an Easy-Build Large Wardrobe Kit storage system that stands perfectly against a flat wall and is easily assembled and configurable to your storage needs.

The trick is to work from the bottom-up and work out where you want to go from there. You can add shelves, hanging rails or basically configure your storage system any way you want.

Put it on wheels for easy movement

wheels makes it easy to move your shelving/racking system around and reposition as needed. Using locking wheels will enable you to lock them in place so that they don’t move around when you don’t want them to, adding extra stability.

Get creative with hooks

You can also get creative by hanging hooks from your storage units to hang certain items from. In the demonstration video, Anita uses a double hook to store an ironing board.

Use dust covers to protect your storage

The Easy-Build system has useful optional extras such as canvas covers to further seal and protect your items.

Solution for storing boots

boots is notoriously difficult since you don’t want them to become misshapen. Howards Storage World have the perfect solution with specially made boot hangers. These allow you to hang your boots from a rail so that they maintain their shape and remain in great condition.

Make use of tight corners and obstacles

Support beams and other obstacles can present a challenge for configuring your storage regime. Tight spaces can be leveraged with stackable storage containers. Using storage containers of the same size avoids complicating things and having wheels on them makes them easier to move around.

Eaves are a great spot for storing suitcases, keeping them conveniently tucked away.

Use quality storage containers

Cheap plastic containers or cardboard boxes tend to deteriorate over time, so be sure to keep your stored items safe with quality containers that will stand the test of time.

Talk to the Attic Storage Experts

Solve your space problems and add value to your home with a dust-proof attic storage space transformation. To make the most of your attic space, talk to the storage experts at Howards Storage World and realise the possibilities