Transform Your Unused Roof Space Into An Attic Storage Room

Video with Shaynna Blayze presenting the process of turning an attic into a dust proof storage room

As the population increases and housing becomes more dense across our metropolitan areas, storage space is also increasingly becoming a premium commodity. Now that Winter is finally over, the warming weather inspires us to assess our use of household space and how it can be better used. With this in mind, why aren’t you taking advantage of and making full use of your roof space to declutter your home this Spring?

Storage space attic conversions are a huge bang-for-your-buck home upgrade!

With escalating house prices and high moving costs (stamp duty and legal) making it unattractive to move to a bigger home, homeowners are looking for cost-effective ways to accommodate their space needs. For most, making use of empty roof space by converting it to an accessible attic storage space is a no-brainer. The entry level cost of an attic storage conversion is around $2500 and takes around 2 days to complete. The next level of conversion is by adding dust proofing to the space, which is an additional investment, but is effective in keeping the storage space clean and dust free.

By unlocking your unused roof space and transforming it into a valuable attic storage room, you can add significant value to your home that can be realised when you decide to put it on the market.

Video with Shaynna Blayze presenting the process of turning an attic into a dust proof storage room

Attic storage rooms are the ultimate space maker

Converting your unused roof space into an attic storage room can add up to 30% more space in your home! What could you do with up to 30% more space, other than building an extension or building a second story can compare with the amount of space that can be freed up with an attic conversion. Without a large enough block, just having a shed, let alone replacing it with a larger one, is not a viable option for many.

Creating easy access to the roof area of your home with an attic ladder can be like adding a new floor to your home without raising the building height. Just how much roof space can be utilised can vary, but there can be no doubt that attic storage rooms are the ultimate space maker for most Australian homes.

Cluttered households are unhealthy

A lack of storage space leads to clutter and clutter creates an unhealthy environment. Most of us accumulate a lot of stuff over our lifetimes, especially when you have children, and keeping the clutter down can be a challenge.

A cluttered household is hard to keep clean and organised, creating dust, cobwebs and hazards if things start spilling into and obstructing walkways. Cluttered households can really make the place seem smaller and trying to keep it tidy can create the feeling that the walls are closing in on you. Rather than being a place to relax, your home can quickly become a source of stress and unease.

The state of your home does impact on your state of mind in all kinds of ways, making de-cluttering a good thing for your mental as well as physical health.

All that roof space, so many options

Attic Group offer a variety of options to transform your roof space to suit whatever your lifestyle purpose. Deciding how the space will be used is the first thing to consider. With so many possible uses, it can be hard to decide what the best use for the newly freed up space. Here are just a few attic conversion ideas to get your imagination rolling:

Store your treasured memories securely with easy access

Some possessions have sentimental value that can’t be replaced with money. These memorabilia often take the form of collectibles, photo or stamp albums, heirloom furniture or anything that holds dear memories of the past. If you want to preserve them from the wear and tear they’d sustain from sitting around the house taking up liveable space, the attic is where they can be stored. By storing your collectibles and memorabilia in a converted attic space that is designed with your storage needs in mind, you’ll have no fear of the damage to your treasures.

If security is paramount for your stored valuables, access to the opening hatch to your roof space can be fitted with a lock. Other security devices can also be installed depending on your needs.

The ultimate solution for keeping your sentimentally significant objects safe from the ravages of time is Attic Group’s dust-proofing service. Dust proofing the attic storage space seals the inside of the roof so there are no gaps for dust particles to get in, making the environment in your attic easier to regulate to provide the ideal conditions for your stored items.

Keep your home business stock and equipment safe

The Internet has made doing business or working from home so much more viable in this amazing age we live in, but lack of storage space is often an issue. If you need to hold stock for sale or have valuable equipment that needs to be stored securely and out of harm’s way, it’s worth looking at utilising the space in your roof.

When running a mail order business, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by cartons of inventory that are waiting to be sold. This is a sure recipe for anxiety! Keeping your home business inventory and sensitive equipment safe from dust and water damage is made much easier with a dust-proof attic storage conversion. Mentioning this to your business insurance agent could save you some money on insuring your inventory.

Children’s play room or teenager retreat

Attic space can be converted into an entertainment room where the children can keep toys and games, complete with furniture and storage arrangements. If you want to give access to children too young to safely climb a ladder, there is the option to create a full living space or bedroom with a spiral or fixed staircase. An attic room is also a great option for entertaining teenagers where they can enjoy movies and games and whatever it is teenagers do these days.

Home library and reading room

Despite the rise of ebooks and on-demand media, many of us are still book lovers who like nothing better than to hold a real book in our hands to indulge our imaginations. Books take up a lot of space though and after a couple of bookshelves in your living spaces are filled, amassing a collection of books quickly becomes a storage problem. Once you start putting your books in boxes, finding that book you want to put your hands on right now is certain to be a messy and time-consuming ordeal, cutting into valuable reading time!

Having your own library and reading room doesn’t have to be as costly and indulgence as you might think if you have available roof space. With specially reinforced flooring to bear the weight of a mini library full of books and shelving, you can access your literary retreat either by ladder or with a built in spiral staircase.

Free the space! (in your roof)

Whatever you want to do with your roof space, Attic Group can help you achieve it. Having helped tens of thousands of households make the best use of available roof space, our consultants can advise and assist. Contact the Attic Group for an obligation free appraisal on 1800 655 525 or book in a consultation online.

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